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What is a giclee?

I often have customers come in the gallery asking about giclee's. What is a giclee? What is the difference between a giclee print and a "regular" type of print? How do you pronounce the word giclee? So I hope to answer all of those questions over the next few Blog posts.

First: What is a giclee? The word giclee is derived from a French word that means to spray. As an art term it is a type of print made by using a special inkjet printer. This printer sprays ink onto paper or canvas. This gives the print a more natural look instead of having little dots making up the picture. If you purchase a high quality giclee like the ones we sell here at Framecraft, I can tell you that they are printed on very high quality materials using special pigmented, uv resistant inks that help the giclee look as much like the original painting as possible, and help its beautiful colors remain vibrant for years to come.

Here is a video from P Buckley Moss about their giclee printing process: