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How Framecraft Frames

Have you ever wondered what goes in to custom framing a picture? Back in 2007, when Mark and I first thought of buying Framecraft, I was surprised by the amount of time that it took to complete one framing order!

The process begins when you (our customer) purchases a print or brings in something to be framed. The photo above to the right is a picture of our design room. This is just a small amount of the selection of the frames that we offer. It is awesome how sometimes you pic a frame for a particular picture and it is like that frame was made just for that piece. That is why we offer such a large selection because every piece is so different and individual that we want to make sure that we have the perfect frame for your artwork.

We also have hundreds of choices when it comes to mat colors. Picking the right color mats is, maybe, the most important part of the design. I usually try to pick something in the art that I want your eye to be drawn to, then I start with that color.

Once we have designed the perfect framing together your part is done! And the fun for us has just begun. Mark and I love framing! It really has become a passion for us. Watching art turn from a beautiful piece of art on paper to a beautiful framed piece of art is something we never get tired of doing!

The first step in framing is to mount the art. We use acid free foam core for this part. There are a variety of mounting techniques, however the only ones we use are archival. Once the piece is mounted we cut your mats with our Wizard computerized mat cutter. We use a computerized mat cutter for a number of reasons. Our wizard is efficent, precise, and amazing. Did you know that we have the top of the line computerized mat cutter? Not only does it cut the perfect 90 degree angle, oval, circle, arch, star, gothic arch, and so on. Our wizard mat cutter debosses! If by chance you don't know what debossing is, that means that it carves designs, letters, shapes, anything we want it to, into the mat. It is AWESOME!!! (If you ever want to see it in action, just let us know, we'll bring you downstairs and show it to you!)

After your mats have been cut we mount them on top of the piece using acid free ATG. ATG is basically the gooey part of the tape and nothing else. We do a lot of measuring during this part to make sure that all the borders are perfect. We then cut your glass to size using our Fletcher glass cutter, and place it on top of your, dust free, mat board and art.

Then we move on to cutting the frame with our dual miter saw! This part is fun! We LOVE using power tools! Our dual miter saw ensures that the frame will join perfectly! This part is something that most frame shops don't do, the majority of frame shops get the frames already cut to size, not us, we like to do as much of it in house as possible!

Then all that is left is joining the frame with our v-nailer and placing it around the glass. We hold everything in place with framers points, and finish the back with black paper, a Framecraft sticker, bump its, and a wire hanger.

We put time and care into your framing! We know that anything we frame for you is going to hang in you home for years to come, so we want it to be perfect!