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DIY Photo Framing!!!

Come for the experience, leave with your memories.

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We all have phones in our pocket. We all use those phones to capture moments in our life that we want to remember. But do we remember those moments? Or do they get buried on your phone by the other more recent photos? Framecraft wants to help you get those memories off your phone and onto your walls! And we want it to be at a price everyone can afford! So we have created a one of a kind experience here in Old Town Warrenton. DIY Photo Framing! Book an appointment online, walk in, or schedule for an evening of framing with friends. You can print your photos here with our top of the line photo printer. Then, with the help of our easy-to-use tutorial, assemble our frame using our tools and our quality materials. For $30.25 you'll get your 4x6 photo printed, quality backing to mount the photo to, a 2" mat border, glass, a wood frame, and finishing touches of a dust cover and wire. Larger size photos and frames are also available. Check out what we have going on! We will be adding to our classes soon, so stay tuned!