• Meet Our Framers

    Meleana Moore

    Having been raised by two entrepreneurs in the woodworking industry, Meleana has been working with her hands since as long as she can remember. She helped her parents build her childhood home when she was 8, screwing floor boards into floor joists, painting walls, and anything else her parents needed. Today, Meleana is the owner and operator of Framecraft. Her great attention to detail, creative mind, tireless work ethic, and love of art combine to make her well-suited to take on any project you throw her way. Meleana has three beautiful children who have been raised at Framecraft and help her there regularly, continuing the family tradition.

    Mark Moore

    Mark has been an active part of Framecraft for almost a decade. A Virginia small-town native, he has owned multiple businesses over the years after graduating from the University of Mary Washington with a degree in business leadership and management. His decades-long experience in woodworking and artistry give him the insight to come up with creative solutions to your unique framing projects. Aside from making customer's smile, Mark's favorite part of working at Framecraft is the chance to work side-by-side with his wonderful wife and family every day.